Server Monitoring ... on the go!

Monyt is an Android server monitoring application which helps IT professionists to check their servers status and be warned when something is wrong, as well as keeping an eye on the server statistics ... everything on the go!


Custom Interval

Monitoring interval ranging from five minutes to eight hours depending on user configuration.


If Monyt can't connect to one of your servers, it will notify you both with the standard Android notification system and with an audio notificatio ( configurable ).

Multiple Support

Support for Apache, NGINX, LigHTTPD and every web server capable of running a PHP script ... on HTTPS too!


Visually check your server behaviour with Monyt historical data charts to have full control of the situation.


OS, kernel version, CPU model, uptime, CPU load in last 1, 5 and 10 minutes, RAM load and HD left space, everything in your hand ... literally :D

Help & Support

For general questions, bug reports and support you can use our contact form, we will reach as soon as possible.


Take a look at Monyt.


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  • Q. How do i install Monyt server side script?

    Just download the app from the Google Play Store and then copy this script via ftp, sftp or ssh into the web directory of your server (with the .php extension obviously).
    Once you have done, add the script address, server name and refresh interval into the Monyt application ... the end :)

  • Q. Does Monyt support XXXXX web server?

    As stated in the features section, Monyt supports every webserver capable of running PHP scripts.

  • Q. What operating systems are supported?

    Monyt was developed for Linux servers, therefore Linux is the only OS it supports at the moment.

    Windows and BSD support will be integrated into new releases of Monyt.

  • Q. How much battery will Monyt drain ?

    This only depends on your configuration, since Monyt will be resource intensive as much as your status check interval will be small.

    In any case, the workload for a Monyt request is very small, therefore even the smallest interval won't drain too much battery.


Version 1.1.4

  • New Added app rater reminder.
  • New Better Y axis values for bandwidth and ram charts.
  • New Added about dialog with changelog.
  • Fix Removed notifications on connection timeout.
  • Fix Disabled audio notifications when phone is muted.
  • Fix Fixed a bug which made the Monyt crash on rotation in particular circumstances.

Version 1.1.3

  • Fix hotfix

Version 1.1.2

  • New Now the charts shows the times on the X axis.
  • Fix Fixed another bug that made the app crash if Android version < 3.0
  • Fix Fixed a bug when handling invalid characters in url.

Version 1.1.1

  • New Implemented remote script version checking against Monyt repository.
  • Fix Fixed a bug that made the app crash if Android version < 3.0
  • Fix Fixed a bug when displaying bandwidth usage.

Version 1.0.0

  • New First public release.